Sun. Nov 17th, 2019

The most successful, Holistic Designs are those that engage more than one Sense

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Sensory design is the strategy in architecture of designing spaces to appeal to multiple human senses (sight, sound, scent, taste, touch).

The most successful, holistic designs are those that engage more than one sense: These spaces create the best experience and become the most memorable. Restaurants do this all the time: It is about more than just the food (and lack of cleanup); it is about the dining experience. Delicious aromas wafting by on trays, background music to set the mood, a velvety glass of red wine to start the meal … restaurants stimulate as many senses as they can to create a memorable experience. It is called creating “ambiance.” (And the same can be applied to any dinner party you host — ambiance through sensory design will surely make a more memorable experience than silence and a sandwich tray!)

Restaurants aside, most of our architecture — homes, offices, retail, etc. — is designed primarily and almost exclusively for visual engagement, though.  Home decor Dubai Those scents, tastes and sounds are all stripped down to leave us with a far less rich experience, even if the visuals are extremely interesting.

Think of closing your eyes in a large building. How would you navigate without sight? You would become reliant on your other senses: Maybe the texture of the flooring beneath your feet changes from one area to another area. Perhaps the bathrooms have lilies outside of them, giving off a light floral scent whenever you pass. What if you know you are passing a cafe by the music you hear playing?

These multisensory clues — even if you are using all five senses — create intuitive guidance, or “wayfinding,” which can influence behavior like how easily/successfully you navigate a space. That is the key: We are more inclined to “go with the flow” or do something if it is intuitive and feels natural, and sensory design is a great way to design for intuitive spaces.

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