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To secure online access to bank accounts

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Given that many Santa Ana wind events have occurred throughout history in late October and early November, the likelihood of a record-strong pressure gradient is especially concerning. In general, the greater the difference in air pressure over short distances, the stronger the winds will blow.

The ominous forecast details for Southern California

As of early Tuesday afternoon, the Weather Service forecast office in Los Angeles was predicting winds to reach as high as 70 mph in valley locations between Tuesday night and Thursday morning, with the peak risk coming early Wednesday morning into the afternoon. At higher elevations, winds could reach or exceed 80 mph, the agency said.

The cool, downsloping winds rushing in from the Great Basin region will compress the air as they descend from higher terrain, causing the air mass to become bone dry. Relative humidity levels in Southern California during the upcoming event are likely to be between 3 and 10 percent, though in some places they could get down to just 1 to 2 percent, the Weather Service predicts.

By adding disk storage the Summit supercomputer – which is made by IBM – could have solved Google’s random number problem in at most 2-1/2 days, with greater accuracy, they say.

Sceptics also argue that Google has only solved a very narrow task, and that quantum computing is still a long way away from practical use. In the real world, quantum computers are likely to work in harness with classical computers, making use of their respective strengths.


Researchers from the Google AI research team see potential uses for quantum computing in fields such as machine learning, and materials science and chemistry. They admit, though, that still-greater accuracy will be needed to bring those use cases into the real world.

Cryptographers are, meanwhile, already preparing for the day when quantum computers might be used to crack the codes used, for example, to secure online access to bank accounts. So, even before quantum computing becomes widely used, ‘post-quantum cryptography’ is already here.

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