Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

Protecting Your Digital Assets – Do It Right From The Start

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Anything related to Insurance, Accidents and Death are topics that people don’t want to talk about. People will gladly discuss the car or TV they want to buy, the food they like, the movie they saw, etc.

However, as much as we don’t like talking about insurance, the fact is that we buy insurance – and a lot of it – because we need it. Whether it is accident insurance or our home policy insurance or health insurance that we buy to protect ourselves, or life insurance we purchase to look out for our loved ones, we do it because it is important.

The same is now happening with what are called our Digital Assets. These are various web sites, passwords, our will, policies and many other files and documents that we are accumulating at an ever increasing rate. So many things are now moving to digital format: even books, music, pictures, video. Digital Assets If we have pictures in albums – we can scan them in to a digital format. Book are now being offered in digital format (using readers like the Kindle). More and more agencies and companies send us our statements in digital format like email, instead of paper.

The big question that we don’t want to talk about – but we should is: what happens to all my Digital Assets when I pass away or am disabled? How will my family know what I have and what to do with them? Will they know where to even start looking, even if they have my computer?

How do we manage our Digital Assets?

As with everything in life, planning and preparing ahead of time can save a lot of trouble. My motto is: Do It Right The From The Beginning! Today the awareness of people to all this digital information is increasing and there are now companies that can help us store and organize our Digital Assets during our life and even automatically distribute our Digital Assets on the Due Date.


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